DOWNLOAD MP3: Reign B – Lifestyle

DOWNLOAD MP3: Reign B – Lifestyle

Producer, singer, and songwriter Reign B releases a new AfroGospel tune ‘Lifestyle’
“Being a Christian for more than a decade has definitely taught me a lot” says Reign B. The song
“Lifestyle” was written to awaken people to the reality that being a Christian is a lifestyle and
not a chore. The song was written and produced by Reign B after reflecting on God’s promises in
his own life. “I always thought being a Christian was hard until I started embracing my identity
as God’s chosen and blessed son, it became my lifestyle to be blessed” says Reign B. Reign B
wanted to encourage himself and other listeners to rejoice in God’s blessings as part of their
DNA rather than focusing on their problems which are temporary.
“Lifestyle” is a song to rejoice, dance, and be reminded with confidence that God will keep His
promise and bless you because He delights in you. It’s not based on your actions; it’s based on
your position. He first loved us, not the other way around” says Reign B. One famous line in the
song says, “ONE WITH GOD, that’s my lifestyle” It is emphasized with intentionality because
no matter what you face today it’s important to know that God will never leave one forsakes you
because you are ONE with Him. The Bible says, “Whoever is joined to The Lord is ONE Spirit
with Him.” (1 Corinthians 6:17). “He is always pouring out His favor generously on His children
because we are One with Him” says Reign B ” Being One with God is a lifestyle. “Lifestyle” is a
song about living out. It is full of energy, ambience, and an unfaltering presence of joy with
every listen.

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