DOWNLOAD SONG MP3: Joe Mettle – Songs Of Gratitude [Audio, Lyrics & Video]

Joe Mettle the Kadosh

DOWNLOAD SONG MP3: Joe Mettle – Songs Of Gratitude [Audio, Lyrics & Video]

Joe Mettle, the Kadosh

Ghanaian gospel artiste, Joe Mettle has unleashed a new tune tagged “Songs Of Gratitude”.

The new song drops off the gospel singer’s latest album project “The Kadosh”.

Use the link below to download the “Songs Of Gratitude” song mp3 audio by Joe Mettle.

Also, get the song lyrics and video below.

Song Lyrics: Joe Mettle – Songs Of Gratitude

So God, You’re so good (hey)
God, You are kind, oh
God (You are wonderful)
(My God, You are excellent)
Excellent is Your name, everybody sing, say

Excellent is Your name
That’s a good God
Excellent is Thine power (excellent is Thine power)
You are Wonderful say (Lord)
You are (You are wonder) oh (ful) my God
My God (my God)
Can we all just together, lift our voices
All over this place, one more time
Say, excellent is Your name, say

Excellent is Your name
Excellent is the power say
Excellent is Thine power
You are a Wonderful God, say
(God) You are (You are wonderful)
(My God, You are) one more time
(Excellent) excellent is Your name, say

Eh hey, hey, hey-eh, say
(Excellent is Your power)
You are wonderful, say
(God, You are wonderful)
(My Lord, You are excellent) Excellent
Is Your name
And excellent is Thine power
Everything about You is amazing
Oh God, You are won, wonderful
My Lord (You are)

Because, He’s good
And His (mercies shall en-) He’s a good God (-dure)
Because the Lord is good, say
Be- (-cause), He’s good (He’s good)
And His mercy (and His mercy shall)

Oye, na N’adɔeɛ wɔ hɔ daa
Hey, hey, hey
Oye, na (N’adɔ-) ah, ah (-eɛ) ah, come on proclaim it (wɔ hɔ daa) eh

Oye o, say (Oye)
Yehowa ye (Yehowa ye)
Oye (Oye, na N’adɔeɛ) na N’adɔ- (wɔ hɔ daa)
Sing it one more time, Oye o, oh
(Oye) Yehowa ye (Yehowa ye)
Oye (Oye, na N’adɔeɛ wɔ hɔ daa)

Yie ei, sɛ ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade a, eh
Woka yɛn ho
Yeah, ɛnyɛ Wo (sɛ ɛnyɛ) Awurade a (Wo Awurade a)
Woka yɛn ho (Woka) eh (yɛn ho)

Everybody sing, sɛ ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade a, ah
Woka yɛn ho
Sɛ ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade a
Woka (Woka) yɛn ho (yɛn ho) sing it one more time

Say, sɛ ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade a
Woka yɛn ho
Sɛ ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade a
Woka yɛn ho

Anka yɛbɛyɛ deɛn? We’re almost done
Anka (yɛawu) can we just enjoy this moment, hey
Sɛ ɛnyɛ (Wo Awurade a)
Woka yɛn ho

Oh, Sɛ ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade a, ah, ah
Woka (yɛn) if it had not (ho) being for the Lord
He is on our side (ɛnyɛ Wo) ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade a (Awurade a)
(Woka) just give me two minutes, two minutes to, (yɛn ho) to wrap up this place

Yie ei, sɛ ɛnyɛ Wo Awurade o, oh, oh, oh, oh
(Woka yɛn ho) oh, oh-oh
Sɛ ɛnyɛ (Wo Awurade a)
Woka yɛn ho

Enti yɛda W’ase a, ɛnsa da o
Yɛyi W’ayɛ a (ɛnsa da o)
Give it to Him tonight
Yɛda W’ase a, ɛnsa da o, whoa
Yɛyi W’ayɛ a (ɛnsa da o)

Yɛda W’ase a, ɛnsa da o
W’adom ne Wo mmɔborɔhunu nti
Yɛyi W’ayɛ a, (ɛnsa) Wo (da o) nhwɛso pa
Oh, yɛda W’ase a
How you (ɛnsa) delievered (da o) and set us free
Yeah, eh, eh, yɛyi W’a-(W’ayɛ a, ɛnsa da o)

Wo ne Nyame a, Woma yɛdi no yie
Wo ne Nyame a, Wode yɛn kɔ ba daa ah, ah, ah

Yɛda W’ase a (ɛnsa da o)
Yeah (yɛyi W’ayɛ a, ɛnsa da o) ɛnsa da o
Yɛda W’ase a (ɛnsa da o)
Yɛyi W’ayɛ a, ɛnsa da o

Yɛda W’ase a, ɛnsa da o
We’re done, thank You Father
(Yɛyi W’ayɛ a) if there’s any (ɛnsa da o) thanksgiving ‘your lips’
On your lips, you wanna give it to Him tonight
Yɛda W’ase a (ɛnsa da o)
Yɛyi W’ayɛ a (ɛnsa da o)

Enti, wɔn a wɔnnim yɛn Nyame
Sɛ wɔansom No a, (ɛnyɛ hwee)
I need some worshippers in this room right now, come on
Yɛ’ de, yɛ- (nim), yɛ’ deɛ yɛnim yɛn Nyame no, eh
Yɛbɛsom No, eh (daa daa)

Everybody say, wɔfrɛ no say
(Wɔfrɛ no) Jesus (Jesus Christ)
Tumi nyinaa ara (tumi nyinaa ara hyɛ Ne) eh (nsa)
(Yɛn deɛ yɛnim yɛn Nyame) yɛbɛsom No o
(Yɛbɛsom No daa) one more time (daa)

Oh, wɔfrɛ no say
(Wɔfrɛ no) Jesus (Je-) Christ (-sus Christ)
(Tumi nyinaa ara hyɛ Ne nsa)
Yeah eh, eh (yɛn de yɛnim yɛn Nyame)
Yɛbɔsom No o daa daa

Yɛ’ de yɛnim yɛn Nyame No a
Yɛbɔsom (No o)
Just some two minutes before we go to the next thing
Yɛ’ de yɛnim yɛn Nyame
Yɛbɔsom (No o daa daa)

Awurade, Woama yareɛ apare me
Woama animguase apare me
Woama ɔhaw apare me a (ɛdɔɔso)
Awurade, Woama osu apare me
Woama owuo apare me, haha
Woama ɔhaw apare me ah, ah, ah-ah (ɛdɔɔso)

Enti ‘afe’ retete gu (hey)
Na meda so mekonkɔn hɔ a
‘Afe’ retete gu
Na meda so mete nkwa mu a, Ɔhene ei

A- (W’adeɛ a Woayɛ ama me yi) Awurade ei
(Ɛdɔɔso o) eh
Onyame, Wofata ayeyi

Somebody will be asking, “oh, why all these things?”, But
Sometimes I feel like we don’t thank God enough (yeah)
Many things that sometimes we trust God for
The keys are in our, our hands but sometimes we don’t even apply them
And I love how the Message Bible puts it in
In the Book of Psalms, I think hundred
It says, “Enter with the password, Thank You”
Which means that the password I’ve always needed all this time
Was in my hand
All I needed to do is to show some gratitude

Sometimes I ask myself
God, why is thanksgiving so important to You?
And I realize that, thanksgiving is not for God
Most of the times, it’s for us
Have you realized that, whenever we thank God
We receive
We give Him thanks and we receive other things in return
But you realize that when we hold the thanksgiving
Which is the key
Many things stop

And so sometimes, the things that we are trusting Him for
The Bible says that
When those nine left and
One came back to say thank you to Jesus
I’m sure what He was saying in ‘was’
In His mind was, “Don’t they want to be made whole?”
Not that I really need this thanksgiving
He said, “Don’t they want to be made whole?”
They thought this is- eh
Jesus told that one

Go, your faith has made you whole
Maybe that healing you thought you received
Is not the complete package
But only if you would be grateful for that one
You’d be amazed at the many things
That God intends to do for you
Can you just take one more minute and say, thank You
There’s a breakthrough you’re trusting God for
But that thank You is about to unlock some doors
You’d be shocked

You’ll leave here and say, oh
After tonight, God did some amazing things in my life
Oh, I say not things I’ve heard
But things that I’ve encountered and experienced
That God is able to do, to do
He’s able to do
He’s a God of Possibilities
Things that are impossible for men
Are the things that our God does with ease

I know you came for a recording, but listen
There’s something, happening here
God gave me a word, for somebody
That after tonight, things are-
Are about to shift
But only if you will acknowledge
That He God is the source of the things, ha
He said, “I will do exceedingly”

Not only, exceedingly
But I will do abundantly
Above all that you can ever think or imagine
Come on somebody, open your mouth
There’s a breakthrough waiting for you
But that breakthrough needs
Your heart of thanksgiving
I wish God will open your eyes to see what is happening in this place

Adeɛ a Woayɛ ama me
Eh dɔɔso o
Many were the things
Onyame, Wofata (ayeyi)

Meda W’ase o, me Nyankopɔn
Meda W’ase o (daa)
Meda W’ase o, Woayɛ bi ama me
(Meda W’ase o daa) eh

W’adeɛ (a Woayɛ yi) eh
(Meda W’ase o daa) yeah
W’adeɛ a Woayɛ yi
Yɛda (meda W’ase o)

Yɛ- (daa) -da W’ase
The last one before we go on, ei
Awurade Nyankopɔn

Say yɛda W’ase o, say
(Yɛda W’a-se Awura-de Nyan-) oh (-kopɔn)
Yɛda W’ase daa say (yɛda W’a-se Awurade Nyan-ko-pɔn

Yɛda (W’ase Awurade Nyan-)
There are doors opening in this room
Doors, doors, doors
Doors in lives
Yɛda Wase o, oh, oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh (yɛda-)
Oh, you’ve been trusting God (W’a-)
For that opening, but (-se)
He said, “Only if you will thank me”
After tonight, after you’ve given Me thanks

I’m about to open those doors unto you
Eh, yɛda, yɛda W’ase o, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh (yɛda) whoa
I want to continue, but God is doing something in this place
Let’s give me just two more minutes
Something is happening
Awurade Nyan-
Doors, doors, doors, I hear in my spirit
Doors, are about to open

Yɛda W’ase o, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
(Yɛ-) ei (-da), some of you its scholarship
Some of you, there are cases you’re trusting God to vindicate you
But, He said I’m your lawyer, I’m your judge
Eh-ya, ya, ya, ya, yɛda, yɛda, yɛda W’ase o
Yɛ-(-da W’a-) whoa, whoa (-se) whoa (Awura-) whoa, whoa (-de)

Yɛda W’a- (-se)
Father we thank You (Awura-), thank You
Thank You, thank You, thank You (-kopɔn)
Begin to celebrate Him in this place
He’s a great God, wow
‘Se Awurade Nyankopɔn (-kopɔn)
Eh-eh, eh-eh, eh, yeah, yeah, yeah-eh-eh (yɛda)
‘Finish this in ten minutes, don’t worry
(W’a-se Awura-de Nya-) thank You (kopɔn)

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