Song Lyrics: The Baker-Woman

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Song Lyrics: The Baker-Woman

Song Lyrics: Humbly We Adore Thee

1. The baker-woman

in her humble lodge

received a grain

of wheat from God

For nine whole months

the grain she stored,

behold the handmaid

of the Lord.

Bake us the bread Mary, Mary,

Bake us the bread

we need to be fed

2. The baker-woman took the bread

which led to Bethlehem,

the house of bread.

To knead the bread she laboured

through the night and brought it forth

before mid-night.

Bake us the bread, Mary, Mary.

Bake us the bread

we need to be fed.

3. She baked the bread

for thirty years

by the fire of her love

an the salt of her tears,

by the warmth of a heart

so tender and bright,

and the bread was golden

Brown and white.

Bring us the bread, Mary, Mary.

Bring us the bread.

we need to be fed.

4. After thirty years

the bread was done.

It was taken to the town

by her only son,

the soft white bread

to be given free

to the hungry people of Galilee.

Give us the bread Mary, Mary.

Give us the bread.

We need to be fed.

5. For thirty coins the bread was sold

And a thousand teeth

So cold, so cold tore it to pieces

on a Friday noon,

when the sun turned black

and red the moon.

Break us the bread, Mary, Mary.

Break us the bread.

We need to be fed.

6. And when she saw

the bread so white,

the living bread

she had made at night,

devoured as wolves might

devour a sheep,

the bakerwoman began to weep

Weep for the bread, Mary, Mary

Weep for the bread,

We need to be fed.

7. But the bakerwoman’s only son

appeared to His friends

when three days had run

on the road which to Emmaus led

and they knew Him in

the breaking of bread.

Lift up your head Mary; Mary.

Lift up your head,

for we’ve been fed

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