Song Lyrics: The Heavens Are Telling

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Song Lyrics: The Heavens Are Telling

Song Lyrics: Humbly We Adore Thee

The heavens are telling

The glory of God

And all creation

Is shouting for joy.

Come, dance in the forest.

Come, play in the fields,

And sing, sing

To the glory of the Lord.

1. Sing to the sun,

the bringer of day.

He carries the light of the Lord

in his rays,

the moon and the stars,

who light up our way

unto the Lord.

2. Praise to the wind,

that blows through the trees,

the seas mighty storms,

the gentlest breeze.

They blow where they will

They blow where they please

to please the Lord.

3. Praise to the rain,

that waters our fields

and blesses our crops,

so all the earth yields.

From death unto life

the mystery concealed

springs forth in joy.

4. Praise to the death,

that makes our life real,

the knowledge of loss

that helps u to feel,

the gift of yourself,

your presence revealed,

to bring us home.

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