Song Lyrics: The Spirit Is Moving

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Song Lyrics: The Spirit Is Moving

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Song Lyrics: Humbly We Adore Thee

The spirit is moving, is moving

all over this land.

1. People are gathering

The Church is born.

The Spirit is blowing

on a world reborn.

2. Doors are opening

as the Spirit comes.

His fire is burning

in His people now.

3. Filled with His Spirit,

we are sent to serve

We are called out as brothers.

We are called to work.

4. The world, born once,

is born again.

We recreate it in love and joy.

5. Old men are dreaming dreams

and young men see the light.

6. Old walls are falling down

And people are speaking

with each other.

7. The Spirit fills us with His power

to be His witnesses,

to all we meet.

8. The Spirit urges us

to travel light,

to be people of courage

Who spread His fire.

9. God has poured out His Spirit

On all, on all creation.

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