Song Lyrics: When Creation Was Begun

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Song Lyrics: When Creation Was Begun
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Below is the song Song Lyrics:

Song Lyrics: When Creation Was Begun

Song Lyrics: Humbly We Adore Thee

1. When creation was begun,

God had chosen you to be,

Mother of his blessed Son,

Holy Mary, full of grace.

Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria.

2. When creation was restored,

You were there beside the Lord,

Whom you cherished and adored,

Holy Mary, full of grace.

Ave, Ave. Ave Maria

3. You are with us day by day,

In our joys and our dismay,

Make us joyful as we say,

Holy Mary, full of grace.

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria

4. Lead us to your child above

He will tecach us how to love

How to pity and forgive.

Holy Mary, full of grace.

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria.

5. In the vision which transcends

All our dreams and never ends

God will gather all his friends

In the kingdom of your son.

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria.

6. Praise the Father and the Son,

And the Spirit three in one,

As it was when time began,

Now and evermore, amen.

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria.

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These lyrics are provided to aid in your worship of God and to make your singing, praise and worship journey easier and enjoyable.

Gospel music is a tool to bless, energize, uplift, elevate and catapult souls into a realm of praise and worship of God. It is a moment to reflect, ponder and testify of the greatness of God, and at the same time, a lifting up of holy hands to the author and creator of the universe. As we join in one accord and lift up our voices to praise our God and King in songs of vehement praise and adoration, we call down the glory of the One who inhabits the praises of His people.

With praise, you call God to action, because where praise is, God is there also. If our praises is His habitation, then it is something God always abides and lives in. If the habitation of God is always on your lips, then you carry glory therein. It is amazing at the same time beautiful. Do you know what that means? The lips of the praise and worshipper carries glory and power. Then you can call down things that were not as if they were, and call into being things that have never existed.

Are you making full use of this beautiful tool God has given to us? The power of praise. God is still using His servants and ministers to deliver His praise and the might of His glory in songs to the ends of the earth. Like David of yesterday, they won’t stop until they see a mighty transformation, until the whole wide world comes to know of the glory of our God and King.

Hearts and souls are being catapulted into glorious worship, God is being magnified and the kingdom of darkness is being put to shame. This is why you should never stop praising God.

When the chips are down, when things are awkward, dark or bright, it is even a time to praise. There is no time to praise. Everyday is a day of praise, everyday is a day of worship.

Rise up then ye great army of the Lord, arise and shine for thy light has come. Capture the universe and let your praises take over the whole earth. For their sound is gone out into all lands and their words to the ends of the earth.

Creation has been groaning, earnest yearning for the manifestation of the sons of God. The time to manifest is now! Arise and shine in songs, music and praise of our Lord and King.

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